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Oct 30

Project Management for Design Professionals: 10 Tips and Tools

Project managers have helped us manufacture automobiles, build skyscrapers, and develop the technology tools that we use daily. With such strong roots in the built and tech environments, at first glance it doesn’t appear the project management is relevant in the creative world of design, where ideas are developed instead of SUVs and apps. This […]
Aug 09

AI Is Design’s Latest Material

People + AI Research Collection Visit our collection of practical insights from Google’s People + AI Research team, to learn about human-centered approaches to designing with ML and AI. MoMA’s Senior Design Curator explores how artificial intelligence helps designers reach visual and functional goals By PAIR Design doesn’t exist in an ivory tower; design is […]
Jul 07

Improve SEO making your ?

Improve SEO making your site faster, get a 99/100 Google PageSpeed Score Your sites speed is one of the biggest keys to ranking higher in search engines, so let’s dig in and make that site speedy. As of writing this, my site landing page speed on mobile and desktop is 99/100 🚀. Before my site […]
Jul 05

6 Common Pitfalls When Prototyping

It’s hard to imagine a modern product design process without prototyping and testing. By following a technique Show, don’t tell many product teams use prototypes today to sell or test ideas. At the same time, quite often product teams fall into traps that reduce the effectiveness of their prototyping efforts. Here are six of the […]